Sophia’s New Testament commentary for the meme age: Matthew 6:3



I have exceeded my targets for ridiculousness this week already. Many complete strangers think I meme well today, judging by the reaction notifications. The pic here, got 300 laugh reacts, which made me happy for me, but sad for humans.

Like most humans (and dogs, I suppose), I crave external validation. A normal person gets this from their job, which is usually a sad and pointless set of bullshit tasks, but it makes people feel like they are contributing and therefore deserving. People also need money, so necessity gets confused with desire, and the feeling of being deserving of reward gets mixed up with needing that reward to survive. This is how the machine keeps people in line, by making a system where people need money to live, but make sure that they work really hard.

Wise people, like me, seek validation from being clever and amusing on the internet. Which is a more spiritual path because you learn quickly that other people’s positive opinions of you are never going to fill that abyss of meaninglessness in your life, deserving or not. By removing the consoling, and therefore confusing effect of a wage, you can reach enlightenment quicker by removing any semblance of hope that the hamster wheel of seeking earthly reward will ever get you anywhere but where you already are.

This is the lesson in te autem faciente elemosynam nesciat sinistra tua quid faciat dextera tua. You can Google for the translation  but that won’t help you either.


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