Sophia Monday is the pseudonym of a Melbourne writer, who is redefining “mental illness”, and being insanely happy and healthy.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Seems very intriguing. I am battling for 5 years against something no one really can describe. Psychogenic Movement Diisorder was the last diagnosis. But the jerks only appear randomly and not so often. The inside of back and head, is constantly under painful contraction, that exhausts the body completely.
    There might be a neuropathology, but neurologists deny, but don’t see real answers, let alone treatments. I worked a lot with meditation, as medicines are not affective. And it helped for a certain time. But the illness aggravated and all my energy is gone, as well as my courage, although I am a fighter, but constant suffering and nobody who understands you.
    It is a real cause for…
    My present psychologist is a fine man. He rarely sees people like me whoes sensibility actors are so high and especially appear in all my registers.

    All advise welcome, as well as your books.
    Dr. Sarno’s books go in the same line, but I am sceptical towards hype books.

    Kind regards

    • Hey Ignace, thanks for the comments. I am sorry you are having such a hard time. I am trying to post pretty regularly on how we can improve our mental health and make use of the mad gifts we have been given. Meditation is a great tool, but it’s difficult to maintain as a habit even for people who don’t have challenges our heads can cough up. However, it’s worth persevering at the practice. I highly recommend it. It’s not an easy path we have, but it doesn’t have to be all bleak. Keep coming back here, and I hope I can offer some support and useful tips.

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